Solidworks trial – how to get it?

Solidworks trial – how to get it? So you’re ready to start using SolidWorks, but you haven’t quite decided if you’re going to sell your left or right kidney to buy your own copy. Not to worry, SolidWorks now offers a free trial for new users. In the past, the free trial process was handled by the resellers and generally more difficult to get your hands on, but now, all you have to do is fill out the form on the page listed below and SolidWorks will send you a DVD. I’m not exactly sure on the length of the trial, but it should be something between 30 and 60 days.

Your Solidworks trial will be fully functional, including full feature access to one or more of the following products:

SolidWorks 3D Design

  •     Simulation Software
  •     Product Data Management
  •     Technical Communication
  •     Sustainable Design

Experience firsthand how SolidWorks can make a difference in your own environment.

SolidWorks also offers a separate trial for students, which lasts 60 days and can be found at the link below:

SolidWorks Student Design Kit (SDK) – SDK is free, but only when the University has bought the license and there is a free one available (ie all the licenses are not in use already). But the last one is “I believe/think”. But to download you do need some information from University to fill the download form blanks with. I have heard, though, that when you download a SW through torrent, or use an original (from a friend of from work, for example) but without the serial, you can install it as trial version instead of pirating it. But I am not sure in this, just a rumour.

Solidworks trial

Solidworks trial

You fill out the information there and you get an email with installation instructions then you have a Student version od Solid works for 60 or 90 days to give it a try

 Solidworks Trial is enough for you and me to training our skill

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